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High speed doors in Birmingham

Fast, secure and safe

What are high-speed doors?

High speed industrial doors installed at a workshop in Birmingham
Our high speed door installations are fast, safe and efficient.

High-speed doors (also known as rapid roll doors and rapid rise doors) are designed to open and close as quickly as possible. They typically move at speeds of around one metre per second – which is certainly fast enough to let workers through briskly.

Why do I need a high-speed door?

Every minute counts in today’s time-drive world. The time it takes for your workers to pass through your doors, even it’s just a few seconds, can quickly add up and end up costing your business a lot of money. This is where high-speed doors come in. They’re the perfect solution when people are coming and going all day because they allow workers to enter and leave your premises with the minimum of fuss.

The advantages of high-speed doors don’t end there. They’re also great at maintaining the environmental factors of your premises. This is because they’re open for the shortest time possible, thus keeping heat out during the summer and retaining heat during the winter. A high-speed could therefore save you thousands of pounds every year on heating and air conditioning.

High-speed doors also dramatically reduce noise pollution and airborne contamination in your premises. Since the doors are only open for a brief moment, they reduce the chance of contamination passing through them.

High-speed doors by Action Shutters

Here at Action Shutters, we sell a range of high-speed doors made to the highest quality. In fact, we guarantee you’ll always be 100% satisfied when you buy an Action Shutters high-speed door.

Our high-speed doors open and close at one metre per second and are designed to work flawlessly at high use. In other words, they’re fast and reliable – which is just what you need in a high-speed door.

Our high-speed doors:

  • Can be made op to 12 metres wide and 10 metres high
  • Open and close at 1 metre per second
  • Are wind load tested to category

Safety features

We build our high-speed doors with the highest safety standards in mind. In the event of a collision, our high-speed doors detach at the seams to avoid injury to your employees and damage to your merchandise.

Our high-speed doors are also supplied with safety edges and photocells as standard. Furthermore, all the safety systems comply with the current machinery directive standards.

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