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It happens. Unfortunately, with so many businesses having industrial doors and vehicles, someone might drive into your door.

Follow the advice below if you are unfortunate enough for this to happen to you.

What to do

1. Assess the damage

When you have ascertained that everyone is safe and no one is hurt, look carefully at the door before you try to use it.

Whilst it’s tempting to try your opening mechanism or to force the door open manually, you could cause permanent damage to the internal system.

2. Get evidence

Take notes and photos of the damage and make a record of what happened.

3. Call a repair company

Call us to help you assess the damage and give you a quotation to repair your door.

4. Assess the damage to any vehicles involved

You will also need to assess the damage to the vehicle. It’s a good idea to take photos and get in touch with the insurance company

Ways vehicles can damage industrial doors

There is a wide range of things that could be wrong with your door after being hit by a vehicle. These will all affect the way we can repair your door and get it fully functional again.

If your industrial door is stuck open, it may have been hit whilst it was being opened or you have tried to open it after the impact. Having a stuck industrial door can pose security issues for your business. This is why we highly recommend you get in touch, even if it’s out of hours. We can put you in touch with an out-of-hours crew to get you secure again any time of day or night. Try to avoid trying to move your door anymore until the experts arrive.

The industrial door might have come away from its track or separated from the opening mechanism. Try not to touch it further until a professional arrives. An industrial door is often very heavy and so therefore when broken, poses a health and safety risk to you and your staff.

The bottom of your garage door might be bent and/or crooked. Whilst you might look and think you could fix what appears to be ‘just a dent’, it’s often more complicated than it looks. You could likely cause more damage by attempting to fix the dent yourself, ultimately resulting in the need for a brand new door altogether. In this situation, assess the damage and call a professional, if it’s anything more than a very small bump.

Your opening mechanism is not working. If your industrial door was hit but still looks completely normal, you might try to use the opening mechanism as normal. If the mechanism doesn’t respond, you’ll need to contact us to come and investigate the door for you. We will always try to mend or repair your door for you, rather than try to replace it with a new door so please get in touch.

Ignoring issues with industrial doors can be more costly in the long run so always service your doors regularly.

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