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Due to drastic drops in temperature in recent years, some UK winters can have very harsh conditions. Freezing temperatures, gale-force winds, ice and snow all present threats to the integrity, comfort and security of your warehouse or business premises.

In contrast to this, the temperature in the summer months seems to be getting more intense every year. Although great for leisure time, high temperatures can pose just as much of a risk to your business as low temperatures, if you require a cooler or more controlled temperature for your workflow.

Insulated warehouse shutter doors are specially designed to help protect your warehouse from extreme weather conditions, all year round. These insulated roller shutter doors have a specially designed insulated layer that makes sure that cold air is kept out during the colder months and keeps the air cool inside during the warmer months. They also have all of the other benefits of warehouse shutter doors, as standard.

In this post we’ll look at some of the benefits of insulated doors.

Benefits of insulated doors

Reduced energy costs

The primary benefit of having insulated warehouse doors is reduced energy costs, both in lowering your heating bills during the winter and minimising your need for as much air conditioning in the summer. You can also adjust the level of insulation on some models of shutter doors. We can discuss these options with you when we come to visit your premises to give you a quotation.

Sound insulation

In addition to being excellent at regulating both hot and cold temperatures within your warehouse, insulated doors, by their very nature have the additional benefit of providing excellent soundproofing. This can again obviously be beneficial both ways, keeping any noise your business produces within the premises and any outside noise out and thereby not disturbing your staff.

Protect against energy cost hikes

It may seem like a large initial outlay, but if you make an investment in your business now, and install thermal insulated warehouse shutter doors, you will be making a wise, long-term investment. We all know that energy cost increases are very likely in the future, and this will hit business premises owners especially hard. By investing now, you will be making intelligent and additional savings in your long-term outgoing costs.


Obviously, you cannot control the external weather conditions that threaten your business, but it is very possible to control what you do to protect your business premises against the weather.

Whether your warehouse or business premise is a factory, agricultural unit, business unit or any other industrial building, you can provide your premises with appropriate insulation from all the elements – hot or cold. Thermal insulated warehouse shutter doors will provide optimal working conditions for your personnel and create the right storage conditions for your equipment and goods, whilst also helping to reduce your costly energy bills. Please get in touch and allow us to advise you in your next steps.

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