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It happens. Unfortunately, with so many businesses having industrial doors and vehicles, someone might drive into your door. Follow the advice below if you are unfortunate enough for this to happen to you. What to do 1. Assess the damage When you have ascertained that everyone is safe and no one is hurt, look carefully at...
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Due to drastic drops in temperature in recent years, some UK winters can have very harsh conditions. Freezing temperatures, gale-force winds, ice and snow all present threats to the integrity, comfort and security of your warehouse or business premises. In contrast to this, the temperature in the summer months seems to be getting more intense every...
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Roller shutter doors and sectional overhead doors both offer excellent security, safety and performance. In this article, we will discuss which is best – roller shutter doors or sectional overhead doors – for your individual business premises. Sectional overhead doors These are comprised of panel sections that lift vertically as the doors are opened. The panels...
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We know that first impressions matter a lot. Your main business entrance is one of the first things your clients and visitors will see when they enter your business premises. However, we also know that as a busy business owner, you probably do not have very much time to stop and think about the outward appearance...
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Shutters are a great option for bars and serving areas. They’re easy to operate – sometimes manually or perhaps at the touch of a button – and they’re strong, for maximum security. They are usually also designed to be compact with minimum headroom requirements but still offer wide spans if needed. Shutters are also available in...
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