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Security for Windows and Doors

A security grille installation in Birmingham
Security grilles are a great choice for adding security to your business
Our fixed and sliding grilles are a common option to compliment your security measures. Our door and window grilles are an easy way to protect all points of entry to your building whilst also working with the aesthetics in mind. You may want fixed grilles for full-time protection or the simple flexibility of a sliding grille to cover a display window. If you need advice, or to find out more, our team is here to help. All quotes are free.

What are security grilles?

When it comes to securing a building against intruders, your doors and windows should always be the first priority. After all, they’re the main entry points into a building. This is why any door or window that isn’t secure is asking to be broken into.

To secure a door or window, a security grille is the best option. Security grilles consist of a strong steel lattice that’s fixed over a door or window, thus forming a physical barrier that prevents intruders from entering. The grilles are fixed in all four corners of the door or window so there’s no way intruders can get through.

Why do I need security grilles?

Security grilles are a great way to secure your premises. Whether you’re a homeowner worried about burglaries or a shop-owner concerned about break-ins during the night, security grilles are for you. They’re the ideal way to secure shops, bungalows, conservatories and ground floor apartments. And not only do security grilles prevent physical entry to a building, they also provide a strong visual deterrent to would-be intruders. They can even save you money by lowering your insurance premiums!

Security grilles by Action Shutters

Action Shutters makes and install security grilles for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. All our security grilles are exceptionally strong and aesthetically appealing. Our grilles are well-known for being:

  • Strong. All our grilles are made with an incredibly strong steel lattice.
  • Safe. Our grilles can be easily unlocked in the event of an emergency.
  • Simple to use. Our grilles are easy to use – all you do is simply slide the grille into place.
  • Aesthetically appealing. Our grilles blend in well to any shop or household. They can even be hidden behind your curtains when not in use. What’s more, they let in the light even when fully drawn, giving you a clear view of what’s going on outside.
  • Maintenance-free. Once we’ve installed our security grilles for you, all you’ll have to do give them is the occasional clean.
  • Where you install your grilles is up to you. You might want a single grille to cover a display window. Or, for complete peace of mind, you might consider putting grilles on all your doors or windows. Whatever your needs, we’re here for you. Our range of grilles are great value for money and affordable for everyone.

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