3 ways to spruce up your business premises

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We know that first impressions matter a lot. Your main business entrance is one of the first things your clients and visitors will see when they enter your business premises. However, we also know that as a busy business owner, you probably do not have very much time to stop and think about the outward appearance of your business and when we pass it every day, we can get used to seeing flaws and just accept them.

Now and then, setting aside some time to regularly review the outside of your business premises and what kind of impression it is giving is important. A welcoming business entrance can leave a lasting first impression of your company and what you stand for.

We have compiled some ways to create an appealing business entrance that will no doubt leave a good first impression on current and potential clients.

1. Clear signage

It sounds really obvious but make sure that your customers can actually find you and your business easily. You do not want them arriving flustered! Have some clear signs outside your business so you can be spotted from some distance. Visitors will want to feel sure they have found the right place. Installing indoor and outdoor signs will present your business as both recognisable and professional.

2. Clean and tidy

After spotting your signs, from approaching your business premises to stepping through the door, any potential customers are forming their own first impressions of your business. Keep this in mind and make sure that your entry points always look appealing and accessible by keeping the area clear, clean, and free from any rubbish or obstacles. Of course, depending on the nature of your business the number of customers visiting your premises, you might also choose to maintain any outside areas or invest in some plants, that you will look after!

3. Entrance door maintenance

Always keep your entrance door especially well maintained so that it creates a good impression. You could consider installing or fitting a new entrance door to completely upgrade your business entrance. Of course, your first thoughts will be in choosing a stable and secure door, but we can also help you find one that looks appealing and is in keeping with your business and branding.

There are many considerations to take into account when choosing any new door. The type of door you choose can change the first impression of your business. You might want to look into having sliding or folding doors, safety doors or even glass doors, depending on your type of business. You could also explore aluminium entrance doors with push pad activation or automatic sensors.

Whatever you choose, or if you need any help in weighing up your options and coming to the best possible solution for your company, we are always here to help. We will support you right through the choosing, installing and regular maintenance of your doors and other security needs. Please feel free to get in touch.

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