What colour should you choose for your garage door?

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So, you’ve decided to buy a new garage door. You’ve chosen the type of garage door that best meets your needs but now there’s another difficult decision… the colour! This can feel like a big decision, and it is. You will have to live with the colour for some time so you’ll want to make the right decision.

Here are some tips to help you choose the colour for your garage door.

The rest of the house

It is always wise to consider what shade of garage door would match the colour of the house itself. We want to make sure the garage door ‘fits in’ with the rest of your home. Getting the right mix of colours/shades that complement each other can even make your home look bigger.

You should aim to create clean, smooth lines instead of a disjointed look. Consider whether you are planning on keeping everything else about your home the same for at least the time being. If there is something else that you dislike about the exterior of your home, now might be the time to change it!

Similar shades

Bear in mind that you don’t have to get an exact match with the colour of your home, but it is wise to stick within a few shades of your home’s colour spectrum, even if wanting to create a contrast. Choosing a subtle shade difference will highlight enough of a contrast without your new door looking out of place.

If you are looking to create a rustic look, you could consider a wood grain effect for your garage door. This would look especially effective if you live in the countryside or have a leafy garden.

What to avoid

We advise not colour matching your garage door with the trim of your home e.g., drainpipes, guttering and woodwork on the eves and facias. We find that this can beak up the overall cohesive look of your home and make the garage door look out of place.

Popular colours

The most popular colours at the moment are blacks, whites, greys, blues, greens and reds. There is a vast array of colours available but if in doubt, one of the most popular is always a ‘safe’ choice as they have been chosen and proven popular by many others. We can always help advise you and let you know which colours are most popular when you visit.

Another good way of helping you decide is to take a walk around your neighbourhood, specifically to look at others’ garage doors! Make a mental note of what you do and don’t like to assist you in making your decision.

Alternatively, you can visit us any time or give us a call to ask any questions. We can show you the selection of colours available and help guide you to choose the most suitable colour to make the very best of your home.

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