5 signs that it’s time to replace your industrial door

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Whatever type of industrial door you have, keeping it in good working order is essential to the smooth running of your business.

Below are five signs that you might need a new door installed:

1. Cold Air

As you know, a well-insulated door will reduce your energy costs and keep your personnel inside warm. Older industrial doors tend not to be as energy-efficient as more modern ones, which can now keep the cold air out but also protect against adverse weather, such as wind and rain. If your door is letting in cold air but you are not yet in a position to replace the whole door, there are insulating options available for your existing door. get in touch to discuss them.

2. Strange noises

You will be aware that any noises such as banging, squeaking, grating, or grinding are not good ones to hear coming from your door. Whilst it can be tempting to ignore these through fear of a repair bill, it is always better to get any odd noises investigated early on giving you the choice between repairing or replacing before the disrepair becomes too bad and a new door is the only option left.

3. The door doesn’t look ‘right’ anymore

Take a step back and have a look at the outside of your business. Sometimes when we visit somewhere regularly, we fail to really ‘see’ it anymore. If your door looks old and tatty now, consider the impression this is giving to any visitors, be them customers or suppliers. A well-chosen industrial door will match the style of your building and your business, and it will be a long time before it looks dated or old. There are also security risks to having a door in disrepair. Criminals may identify your business as an easy target and chance their luck.

4. The door opens too quickly or slowly

High-speed doors should operate at a speed that is efficient but keeps everyone safe i.e. not too fast! Likewise, if a door is not responding quickly enough to a command, this can be frustrating and affect your productivity. If you notice a change in the operating speed of your doors, either faster or slower than is ideal, get in touch to discuss a potential repair or to start considering a new door.

5. The door doesn’t open, close, or lock properly

These are the most basic functions of your industrial door so if you are having any difficulty opening, closing, or locking your doors, you need to get in touch to have your doors looked at. If you suddenly find that you cannot shut your door, you will need an emergency call out but often these problems develop over time. Noises, sticking etc. can be things that we tolerate until we have time to investigate. Having a quotation for a repair can also give you a chance to reflect upon whether you would prefer to have a new door to improve the productivity, security, and energy efficiency of your premises.

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