7 advantages of high speed doors

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High speed doors are a great addition to any warehouse, factory or commercial premises. Because they open and close so quickly (at a speed of around one metre per second), they offer a wealth of advantages over other types of door.

In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of high speed doors in more detail.

1. Higher productivity

Because high speed doors open and close so quickly, they make your business more productive. Employees can pass through the doors in a matter of moments instead of having to wait a long time for the doors to open. The seconds saved each time the doors open can soon add up, saving your business hundreds of man-hours in the long-term.

2. Higher security

High speed doors have great security thanks to the fact that they open and close so quickly. Because they’re only open for a few moments, the risk that an unauthorised person can pass through them is drastically reduced.

What’s more, high speed doors can be made with tough materials such as aluminium. This adds even greater security and prevents any intruder from getting through them.

3. Safety

Even though high speed doors open and close so quickly, they’re actually very safe. Because these doors have no moving parts, there’s little risk of damage or injury on the unlikely event of a collision.

High speed doors keep your employees safe in other ways too. For example, they can reduce the movement of corrosive or noxious gases from one area to another.

4. Reduced heat loss

High speed doors are great at reducing heat loss. These doors have a seal on all four sides, minimising heat loss when the door is closed.

Also, because these doors are open for just a few seconds, the amount of heat that gets let out when the door is open is minimal.

5. Reduced cold loss

High speed doors are also great at minimising cold loss too. This is why they’re often used for industrial freezers and refrigerators.

6. Easy to maintain

High speed doors are known for being incredibly easy to maintain. Repairs often take just 15 minutes or less. This reduces downtime of your business and keeps your profits flowing.

7. Improved airflow control

Many businesses use high speed doors to control airflow. These doors are great at preventing dust and other airborne debris moving around your premises. By placing high speed doors near dusty environments, you can really decrease the amount of dust that moves around.

One option is to use high speed doors in pairs to form a kind of airlock. This way, you can reduce the movement of dust and airborne debris even further.


It’s clear to see that high speed doors have numerous benefits. This is why they’re one of our favourite types of industrial door.

Thanks to their numerous advantages, you can see high speed doors used in a variety of applications, whether it’s airports, supermarkets, factories or warehouses.

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