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No-one wants a break-in. The consequences can range from property damage, loss of stock, disruption to business activities and even reputational damage. That’s why it’s important to keep your premises secure.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the ways you can keep your premises secure against intruders and burglars. So if you’re eager to start securing your business, read on.

Roller shutters

Whether you own a factory, warehouse or other industrial building, roller shutters are a great way to secure your premises. They essentially act as a physical barrier between your building and the outside, thus preventing thieves from getting in. They’re a strong barrier too – roller shutters are generally made from advanced steel which is extremely hard to break through.

As well as being a physical deterrent against burglars, roller shutters also make a great visual deterrent. Just the sight of roller shutters alone can make thieves think twice about attempting a break-in. Roller shutters also hide your goods from sight, making it impossible for criminals to see if there is anything worth stealing.

Another benefit of roller shutters is that can actually reduce the cost of your insurance. This is because insurers see roller shutters as a sign that your business is well-secured, which can result in significantly reduced premiums.

If you’re interested in roller shutters, then look no further than Action Shutters. We supply and fit a range of security doors with advanced welded steel construction and anti-tamper mechanisms. You can rest assured that your premises will be safe and secure.

Security grilles

Another great way to secure your premises is with security grilles. They consist of a strong steel lattice that is fixed over a door or window, thus preventing access. During the day, you can open the grilles to let your employees come and go, but at night, you simply put the grilles down to form a barrier against intruders.

Security grilles are usually seen protecting shop fronts, but they can also be used in houses, offices and industrial buildings. Wherever you use them, they make an exceptionally strong security measure.

Here at Action Shutters, we make and install security grilles for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. All our security grilles are exceptionally strong and aesthetically appealing. Have a look at our webpage about security grilles by heading over to

CCTV and alarm system

Another thing that secure premises needs is a CCTV and alarm system. In the event of a break-in, not only will the alarm alert the police to the intrusion but the CCTV will record footage of the intruder, which can later be used as evidence. Make sure that your business has a good CCTV and alarm system so that you’re ready in the event of a burglary.

Secure your perimeter

Don’t neglect the perimeter of your premises because a little bit of thought here can go a long way to keeping thieves out. A large, anti-climb fence around your perimeter may be a good idea if you have a frequent problem of trespassers. Another idea is security lighting, which ensures your premises are well-lit at night, thereby making it harder for intruders to enter without being noticed.


There’s a wide range of measures you can take to secure your business. If you’re interested in knowing more, call us today on 0121 605 6005 or send us an email. We are Action Shutters are experts in providing security measures to businesses in the UK – so get in touch with us and let us help you secure your business premises!

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