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Roller shutters are very popular in industrial settings. You can see them used in warehouses, factories and other industrial buildings. But have you ever stopped to notice that they come in a variety of colours? Some businesses have brightly coloured shutters to make them stand out, while other companies have colours that match their branding. But no matter what colour a door has been painted with, the painting method will always be the same: powder coating.

What is powder coating? In this blog post, we’ll answer that question by looking at powder coating in more detail, including its advantages and how it works. So let’s go!

What is powder coating?

Think about the last time you painted something. The paint was almost certainly liquid, and you probably applied it using a brush or a paint roller. Powder coating, in contrast, is different, since the paint comes in the form of a dry powder instead of a liquid. If you’re not familiar with powder coating, this can seem strange. How can the paint stick if it’s not wet?

Well, the answer is “science!” First, an electrostatic charge sticks the paint to the metal. After this, the metal is heated to permanently stick the paint into place. We’ll look more at how the process works in the next section.

What is the powder coating process?

There are three steps in powder coating. These are pre-treatment, powder application and curing.

  1. During the pre-treatment stage, the industrial door is cleaned to remove any dirt or grease. This is important because any blemishes can impair the painting process.
  2. Next, comes the powder application stage. Here, an electrostatic gun sticks powdered paint to the door using an electrostatic charge.
  3. In the final stage, the door is cured by heating it at a high temperature. The heat creates a strong bond between the paint and the door, ensuring that the coating is both tough and long-lasting.

What are the advantages of powder coating?

Powder coating has several advantages over other paint techniques. For one, the curing process ensures that the coating is strong and tough, meaning the paint stays on for longer. Another advantage is that the coat is thoroughly even and smooth, making the results more pleasing to the eye. So if you’re after a professional finish, then powder coating is definitely the way to go.

Furthermore, powder coating is better for the environment than other types of painting. This is because it doesn’t release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are gases that can harm the environment. Because of this, many companies are switching from traditional paints to powder coating.

Now that you know about powder coating, think about it next time you see an industrial door!

Powder coating by Action Shutters

Here at Action Shutters, we offer an in-house powder coating service to finish your shutters in your choice of colour and texture. You can choose how you want your shutters to look so that they’re consistent with your branding. Select from a huge range of colours!

What’s more, our powder coating service isn’t just available to our own customers. If you’re a trade customer and you’d like bespoke powder coating for your own products, get in touch with us to learn about our competitive prices.

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