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Like a lot of things, garage doors can sometimes need some tender loving care.

If you keep your garage door maintained, it will keep working for years to come. If, on the other hand, you fail to look after it, then it could break down in the future and need a costly repair.

And cost isn’t the only reason to maintain a garage door. Maintenance of a garage door can also prevent injuries and prevent damage to your property.

In this post, we’ll look at how to maintain garage doors, so you can keep yours in good working order.


The first part of maintenance to inspect the garage door. This should be done at least once per year.

Inspecting a garage door means carefully examining all the parts of the door: the springs, cables, rollers and so on.

If you find any parts that are worn or damaged, then be sure to replace them.

Also, look out for any screws or bolts that have come loose. These will need to be tightened so they don’t come out altogether.

Many garage door owners are comfortable making small repairs themselves. Something like replacing a roller can be done fairly easily by the owner.

However, note that not all repairs should be done by the owner. A qualified technician should handle the more complicated tasks. Some parts of garage doors, like the springs, are under high tension and can injure you if you’re not careful.


All machinery needs lubrication from time to time, and garage doors are no exception.

Garage doors should be lubricated once a year to ensure they run smoothly.

When it comes to lubricant though, too much is just as bad as too little. Too much will attract dust and dirt and could gum up the door, so go easy on the amount you use.

The parts of a garage door that typically need lubricant are:

  • Rollers: The rollers need lubricant, as well as the hinge to which the roller is attached
  • Hinges: Make sure the hinges that hold the panels together are lubricated well.
  • Locks: If your door has a keyhole, then it will need a bit of lubrication every year or so. Spray lubricant into it and work the key several times to distribute it. This will keep the lock mechanism working smoothly.


It’s a good idea to clean your garage door regularly. This will remove any corrosives or dirt that could otherwise affect the functioning of the door.

Cleaning a garage door doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is a detergent (household cleaning fluid will do) and a cloth or a rag.


Wooden garage doors should be repainted every few years. This isn’t just to keep up appearances: a fresh coat of paint will also reduce the chance of moisture seeping into the door and warping it.

Garage door maintenance by Action Shutters

One of the products we sell is garage doors. But we don’t just sell them – we also maintain them.

We’re pleased to offer a preventative maintenance service to homes all across the UK. Call us today to find out how we can help you maintain your garage door.

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