What are insulated shutters?

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Winter is here and it’s important to keep workplaces warm. If staff are cold then it’s not only bad for morale but it can also worsen their performance.

The best way to stop staff from going on strike is by keeping your building warm, and the best way to keep your building warm is with insulation.

You can insulate a lot of things – roofs, walls, and floors – but in this post, we’ll be talking about insulated doors.

What are insulated doors? And what do they do? In this post, we’ll answer these questions.

What is an insulated shutter door?

Some industrial doors don’t provide a lot of insulation. Roller shutter doors, for example, are generally not very well insulated.

This is where insulated doors come in. These doors are filled with an insulating material, like foam, vinyl, PVC, or rubber. This gives the doors insulation properties, helping to keep excessive heat or cold out of the building.

Are there alternatives to insulated doors?

Yes – you can also go with a sectional door or a sliding panel door. These doors aren’t insulated but they are thick, which gives them some natural insulation properties.

What are the benefits of insulated doors?

Insulation has lots of benefits, some you might not have thought of:

  • Keeps buildings warm in the winter. The obvious benefit of insulation is that it keeps the cold out. This makes buildings more pleasant places to work and live.
  • Keeps buildings cool in the summer. An often-overlooked benefit of insulation is that it helps keeps buildings cool in the summer. Have you ever walked into a building in the summer to find it pleasantly cool? Insulation can do that.
  • Reduces heating and air conditioning bills. Because insulation helps to keep out excessive heat and cold, you won’t need to use your heating or air conditioning as much. This can save a lot of money in the long run. Sometimes it even means that insulated doors pay for themselves!
  • Reduces noise pollution. This is often overlooked as well, but insulation helps to block out noise. So you don’t need to hear the cars on the busy A road next to your premises all day long. Your neighbours might appreciate it too if you can dampen the noise of your loud machinery.

What if I want an insulated roller shutter door that opens quickly?

If that’s the case, we sell insulated high-speed doors. It’s everything you could ever need in a door – security, speed, safety and insulation. Find out more about our high-speed doors at www.actionshutters.co.uk/services/high-speed-doors/.

Insulated shutters by Action Shutters

If you want insulated shutters, then look no further than us!

Here at Action Shutters, we provide a range of insulated roller shutter doors to companies in Birmingham and the rest of the UK. All our insulated doors have great insulation properties and provide maximum security against intruders. They are the best choice for those who want to reduce their heating costs without compromising on security.

Our insulated roller shutter doors:

  • Have thermal insulation properties of 0.69 W/m2K
  • Provide acoustic insulation of 18 decibels
  • Are extremely durable
  • Require little maintenance
  • Feature with 95mm deep ribbed face panels
  • Come with optional safety edges
  • Come with optional photocells to allow the doors to close automatically
  • Comply with all current machinery directive safety standards

So if you’d like to know more about our range of insulated shutters, then visit actionshutters.co.uk/services/insulated-shutters/ or call us on 0121 605 6005.

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