How to decorate a garage door for Christmas

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Christmas can be a sad time for garage doors. All they do is sit outside in the cold while the people are inside having fun pulling crackers and eating turkey.

Garage doors don’t even get any presents. They probably don’t even know it’s Christmas.

So here’s an idea. Why not – wait for it – decorate your garage door? You’ve probably never thought of the idea before – we’ll be honest, none of us did either until we started looking at pictures on Pinterest – but it can actually be a clever way to make your house look festive. Honest.

So, let’s have a look at some ways to Christmasify your garage door.


If you want something cute, how about making your garage look like a snowman? All you need are some pieces of black felt and a large piece of orange felt for the nose.

It will only work if your garage door is white though, so if yours is another colour, then move along.


Here’s a cool idea – make your garage door look like an unopened Christmas present.

It’s easy to do, too: all you need is some strips of paper and a fairly massive ribbon for the middle (optional).

If you really have a lot of time on your hands, and you’re also a tiny bit insane, you could try decorating your garage door as this man has.

Check out how he did it at YouTube. Caution: it requires about 600 steps.

Santa’s workshop

Here’s one that’s quite clever. It makes your garage look like Santa’s workshop. If Santa had his workshop in a detached house in the suburbs instead of the North Pole, that is.


Here’s a simple one: just put an enormous Christmas wreath on your door.

We’re not sure if this is a real wreath or just a huge sticker. What we do know is that it costs $114.99. That sounds like way too much for a sticker so it must be a real wreath. Either that or it’s made of gold, diamonds and bitcoins.

Giant snowman

This one is scary because

  1. it looks like there’s a giant snowman in your garage
  2. he looks like he’s about to come out and start destroying buildings like a monster from a horror B-movie.

So it’s best to avoid this one unless you want to scare everyone away, including your relatives and mother-in-law. Then again, if you do want to scare them away, then go right ahead.


This one makes it looks like Jesus has been born in your garage. Which is weird because the Bible didn’t mention that.


This one is probably a bit more within the ability of most actual people. It seems to be a bunch of Christmas themed stickers, along with the words MERRY CHRISTMAS in a generic Times New Roman font. A solid 5/10 for effort for this one.


That’s it for this year. We hope you have a good Christmas and we hope you find some way to decorate your garage door, even if’s just by sticking some crude paper chains and a Santa hat on it. Merry Christmas!

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