Signs that your garage door needs to be repaired

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Most of the time, garage doors function day in and day out without any problems. They’re usually dependable, reliable, and can go years without breaking.

However, sometimes garage doors do suffer from problems. This is usually because parts of the door are aged and worn and need to be replaced.

How can you tell when a garage door needs to be repaired? Don’t worry, because, in this post, we’ll look at the signs that your garage door needs some tender love and care.

1. Sluggishness

One of the most common signs that your garage door needs to be serviced is that it becomes slow to open and close.

If your garage door opens and closes slower than it used to, this is probably a sign that the door’s motor is dying.

In most cases, the simple fix is to replace the old motor with a new one.

2. Sagging

Garage doors sometimes sag as they age, especially if they’re made of wood and they’re not maintained properly. This sagging is caused by decomposition, deterioration, and rotting.

The solution usually is to replace the whole door with a new one.

If your wooden garage door is prone to sagging, then you might want to replace it a steel or aluminium door instead, as these materials won’t sag over time.

3. Dents

Dents are usually caused by accidents, like someone driving into the door. (We’ve all been there.)

Usually, dents aren’t actually a problem and won’t affect the functioning of the door. However, some people like to get the door replaced for cosmetic reasons.

Bigger dents can cause structural issues and affect the functioning of the door, so it’s best to get these checked out by professionals.

4. Noise

Loud grinding noises are a common problem for garage doors. These noises generally mean there is something loose in the door, or that the door needs lubrication.

Luckily, there’s usually an easy fix and it’s rare that the whole door needs to be replaced.

5. Shaking

It’s safe to say that garage doors shouldn’t shake when they open and close. A garage door is meant to move smoothly and steadily, with no odd tremors along the way.

If you have a shaky garage door, there’s probably something wrong with the tracking, belt, rollers or lubrication. It’s definitely best to get your door looked at before the problem becomes worse.


In this post, we’ve gone over some of the signs that a garage door needs to be repaired.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes, old doors tend to break down often, constantly giving your trouble. You might find yourself paying for repairs time and time again. In cases like this, it may be more cost-effective to just buy a new garage door instead of constantly getting your old one repaired.

If you’d like a new garage door, or if you need repairs to an existing garage door, then call us on 0121 605 6005. We have a range of domestic shutters available and we’re great at repairing them too.

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