Security grilles and security shutters – what’s the difference?

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Two very common ways of securing a shop window are security grilles and security shutters. But what’s the difference?

In this post, we’ll look at the differences between security shutters and security grilles. We’ll also discuss when each type of security measure might be useful.

Security grilles

Security grilles consist of a strong steel lattice fixed over a door or window, thus forming a physical barrier that prevents intruders from entering. The grilles are fixed in all four corners of the door or window so there’s no way intruders can get through.

One of the interesting features of security grilles is that people can still see inside your shop even when the grill is down. This can give you extra peace of mind because any intruders inside would be visible from outside the shop, thus detering break-ins. This feature can also increase sales because people can see your products even when your shop is closed. However, it also means that potential intruders can see inside your shop too, which might allow them to check out where all your valuable goods are.

Security shutters

Security shutters fully conceal your shop window. They do this by rolling down over the window and completely blocking it out from view.

The fact that shutters completely cover the shop window means that they provide an extra level of protection against vandalism and break-ins.

What’s more, shutters offer extra benefits such as thermal insulation, noise insulation, and weather protection. These are benefits that security grilles do not have.

However, security shutters are not without their disadvantages. For one thing, they require a bit more maintenance than security grilles due to their extra weight. For another thing, shutters are usually more expensive than grilles.

Furthermore, security shutters are often the targets of graffiti, which means you might have to keep paying out to get the graffiti cleaned off. Finally, some people find that security shutters can look a bit intimidating and prefer the appearance of security grilles instead.

Which one is best – grilles or shutters?

The answer to this question depends on you. If security is your priority, then go with shutters. That’s because they cover the entire window, making them the best way to secure a shop. If you’re more concerned with appearance, then go with grilles instead. Grilles look good and they also offer an excellent level of security.

Security shutters and grilles by Action Shutters

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