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We appreciate all clients, big and small. Everyone starts somewhere and in warehousing, small businesses can grow quickly and lead to big profits.

Whether you are a small business or a warehouse owner, the space is important and can bring mutual benefits.

Small businesses

If you are looking for warehousing space, make sure to visit both new warehouses and existing sites.

The advantages of the new warehouses are that they are just that – new. They look appealing to your users and staff, are fresh and clean and often have the most modern facilities.

New warehouses can often be flexible and customisable, whereas existing warehouses are well established with little flexibility.

New warehouses also allow room for growth. As your business and inventory grow, the new warehouse will be better able to handle it.

These factors understandably come at a cost.

The main advantage of existing warehouses is experience. The ramp-up time will be quicker, the systems will be in place, and the software tools will be upgraded. It is all already there and running.

Regardless of the age of the warehouse, it should offer you the following features:

  • Appropriate procedures in place to fulfil orders – this may range from using first-in-last-out pallet racks to transporting with forklifts. Their equipment should be up-to-date and safe and there should be good procedures in place for its use.
  • Appropriate storage shelving or pallet racks should be available for your product type – if you have special packaging or odd-sized products, the warehouse should be able and willing to easily accommodate these specifications in both space and storage solutions.
  • Room for growth. If you are planning on starting small and growing, choose your space carefully so that it is easy to access and expand if needed. Additions to your space should be exactly that. Your product should not be scattered throughout the warehouse. This will affect the efficiency of your supply chain.


Don’t overlook the small business as a worthwhile client. Accommodating several smaller businesses can add up to big profits over time.

Small start-ups might not necessarily have the turnover initially to warrant a large space straight away, but in just a few months, they could be shipping products worldwide. They might start with a small space housing a pallet rack and a forklift, but as their business expands, so will yours.

Small businesses are eager to join a large business’ supply chain and reap the benefits when they go to a larger warehouse.

If a business anticipates quick growth, it will want to be assured that you can be ready with enough available storage space. You’ll have your space allocated and committed, and the small business will have the confidence of the availability of space.

You can maximise your profit on equipment, fixtures and human resources. As more small businesses get into providing an online service, they will need pickers and packers – you are perfectly positioned to step in and assist – you already have trained employees to do this work.

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