How to keep your warehouse warm in the winter

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Keeping your staff comfortable, happy and secure should be one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, winter can bring a whole host of extra challenges when trying to provide a comfortable and warm workplace.

But don’t worry! In this post, we’ll go through a few simple ways to keep your warehouse warm.

1. Invest in insulation

The obvious way to keep your warehouse warm is to invest in insulation. Although investing in insulating an existing warehouse can seem like a big outlay, there are many other benefits alongside staff comfort. You will improve the energy efficiency of your premises and reduce your heating and cooling costs.

We might typically think of just insulating rooves and walls, and there are several types of insulation for that, it is also possible to install insulated warehouse doors. Insulated curtains are also another option for you to consider. They add even more insulation to your warehouse, but they can also limit the amount of cold air that enters when a door is opened.

2. Keep doors and windows closed

A cheap way to keep your warehouse warm is to simply close doors and windows. By closing doors and windows, you’ll stop warm air from escaping and prevent cold air from entering.

However, we know it’s not feasible to ask people to keep the doors closed at all times, especially in a busy, functioning warehouse, with people, products and vehicles moving in and out regularly. That’s why we’re moving on to point 3:

3. Get a high-speed door

High-speed doors open quickly when you need to and close it again straight away. These doors are available with a wide range of sensor technology and can be opened and closed at a rate of a metre a second so you will be sure to find a door and a mechanism that is perfect for your needs.

4. Install seals

Cold air may also enter the premises when the industrial door is in use. Options you can consider to avoid this occurring, are dock seals or leveller seals to keep the cold air out of the warehouse while a van or lorry is anchored to your docking bay.

5. Identify where cold air is entering

Identifying any places where cold air might be entering your premises is one important reason, from many, for ensuring your industrial doors are properly maintained, especially as they start to get older. Look for any gaps between the door and the door frame to help you identify any cold spots and vulnerabilities. If you find anything unusual, new or alarming, get in touch. We can come and have a look and help you decide what can be done to minimise your hot air escaping or whether it is time to start thinking about a new industrial door to protect your warehouse throughout winter.

6. Have a professional service your doors

We always recommend regular servicing so any issues with draughts can be fixed quickly. It is a good idea to schedule these visits ahead of winter so that you have time to act and protect your warehouse before a harsh winter.

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