6 tips to keep your warehouse free of the coronavirus

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The coronavirus epidemic has affected people and companies all over the UK. All types of businesses have been affected, including offices, shops, factories and warehouses.

It’s important to minimise the spread of the coronavirus, especially in a busy environment like a warehouse. If a warehouse worker tests positive for the coronavirus, then the entire warehouse could have to shut down.

If you have a warehouse and you want to keep it free of the coronavirus, then keep reading, because, in this article, you’ll learn a few tips on how to do exactly that.

1. Ensure employees wear face masks

The coronavirus spreads mainly through the air. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, it causes up to 3,000 droplets to enter the air, which can infect someone else.

Given that the virus’s main mode of transmission is through the air, it makes sense therefore that face masks are a good form of protection. Face masks cover your mouth and nose, thus stopping the virus from entering your body.

All warehouse workers should wear face masks as it helps to prevent them from getting sick. So try to ensure that face masks are readily available for your workers.

2. Ensure employees wear gloves

As well as face masks, warehouse workers should also be wearing gloves. Even though we just said the virus spreads mainly through the air, people can also contract it by touching contaminated surfaces. It’s best to wear gloves because they protect your hands from the virus.

Ideally, the gloves should be made of rubber, latex or PVC. Make sure the gloves are good quality so they don’t rip while you’re using them. Also, keep in mind that gloves should be disposable – your workers will need to throw them away after each use.

3. Disinfect surfaces regularly

Another good way to keep a warehouse free of the coronavirus is to disinfect surfaces regularly. Household bleach, household disinfectant and solutions of at least 70% alcohol are all effective ways to kill the virus. Make sure to regularly clean surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, computer mice and keyboards and desks.

4. Ensure your employees keep two metres apart

Another good practical safeguard against COVID-19 is to ensure warehouse staff keep at least two metres apart from one another. This is because the virus is mainly spread when people cough or sneeze next to each other.

5. Ensure employees wash their hands regularly

The official advice says that people should wash their hands regularly to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Warehouse workers are no exception. Make sure your workers are washing their hands when they enter and leave the building, and before and after putting on their gloves.

6. Send sick workers home

Any employee who shows the signs of the coronavirus should immediately be sent home. One of the main early signs of infection is fever, so it might make sense to check the temperature of each employee with a non-contact thermometer before allowing them in the building.

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