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There are lots of types of industrial doors and it’s easy to get confused between them. Three main types of industrial door are rolling, sliding and folding. So what’s the difference between these three types of doors? In this post, we’ll answer this question. What are roller doors? Roller doors, also known as roller shutters, are...
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Here at Action Shutters, we provide a range of shutters, including insulated shutters, commercial shutters and perforated shutters. But what are perforated shutters exactly? In this blog post, we’ll go over perforated shutters in more detail, as well as their advantages and applications. What are perforated shutters? Perforated shutters are essentially just like normal shutters except...
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It can be difficult to keep warehouses well-ventilated. However, good ventilation is important for your workers, products and equipment. In this blog post, you’ll learn more why ventilation is vital for warehouses. There are three main reasons ventilation is important: to reduce heat, to reduce humidity, and to improve air quality. Reason #1: Reduce heat Our...
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Shutters are used in all sorts of settings. From warehouses to factories, boatyards to farmyards, and ports to airports, shutters are one of the most common types of industrial door found in Britain. Shutters owe their popularity to their many advantages. For one thing, they take up very little space since they open upwards rather than...
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The coronavirus epidemic has affected people and companies all over the UK. All types of businesses have been affected, including offices, shops, factories and warehouses. It’s important to minimise the spread of the coronavirus, especially in a busy environment like a warehouse. If a warehouse worker tests positive for the coronavirus, then the entire warehouse could...
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