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The coronavirus epidemic has affected people and companies all over the UK. All types of businesses have been affected, including offices, shops, factories and warehouses. It’s important to minimise the spread of the coronavirus, especially in a busy environment like a warehouse. If a warehouse worker tests positive for the coronavirus, then the entire warehouse could...
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You’ve probably heard of the term PVC. But what actually is it? Most people are aware that PVC is a form of plastic, but wouldn’t be able to tell you much more than that. So in this blog post, we’ll go into detail about PVC, including how it compares to other types of plastic. So what...
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Spring is here, but some days are still quite cold, especially in the northern parts of the UK. On cold days, it’s always good to have some insulation in your buildings. In this post, we’ll be talking about insulation in more detail. We’ll also look at the insulation products that Action Shutters offers, including insulated shutter...
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Yesterday, the UK officially left the European Union. While things aren’t over yet – the UK is now in a transition period as it works out trade agreements with the EU – Brexit is now well underway. Unfortunately, the effects of Brexit haven’t all been positive. According to the findings of the RICS UK Commercial Property...
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High speed doors are a great addition to any warehouse, factory or commercial premises. Because they open and close so quickly (at a speed of around one metre per second), they offer a wealth of advantages over other types of door. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of high speed doors in more detail....
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