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It’s almost Christmas again. Christmas trees and decorations are going up. Retailers are looking forward to a boost in sales. However, Christmas is also a time when thieves operate. There are lots of reasons why Christmas provides an ideal environment for stealing. First of all, there are more customers than usual, which means staff can’t keep...
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There are plenty of shutters companies in the UK to choose from. So why should you go with Action Shutters? In this post, we will answer this question by giving the reasons why Action Shutters is the number one shutters company in the UK. 1. We have 30 years experience We have 30 years experience in...
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Emergencies are never welcome. Any kind of unexpected problem can cause real trouble in life, and that’s especially true for warehouses and factories. Emergencies can mean downtime of machinery damaged goods and ultimately, a hit to your profits. Emergencies involving roller shutters are no exception. When roller shutters unexpectedly break, all kinds of problems can occur....
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The difference between a fire exit door and a fire door might seem trivial. After all, they’re both just doors to do with fire, right? However, if you’re planning on having either installed on your premises, then you need to know what the difference is. So, in this post, we’ll explain what the difference is between...
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Two very common ways of securing a shop window are security grilles and security shutters. But what’s the difference? In this post, we’ll look at the differences between security shutters and security grilles. We’ll also discuss when each type of security measure might be useful. Security grilles Security grilles consist of a strong steel lattice fixed...
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With over 30 years of experience, Action Shutters is the premium choice for roller shutters, automatic barriers and security doors in Birmingham and West Midlands area.

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