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Winter is here and it’s important to keep workplaces warm. If staff are cold then it’s not only bad for morale but it can also worsen their performance. The best way to stop staff from going on strike is by keeping your building warm, and the best way to keep your building warm is with insulation....
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Most of the time, garage doors function day in and day out without any problems. They’re usually dependable, reliable, and can go years without breaking. However, sometimes garage doors do suffer from problems. This is usually because parts of the door are aged and worn and need to be replaced. How can you tell when a...
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Christmas can be a sad time for garage doors. All they do is sit outside in the cold while the people are inside having fun pulling crackers and eating turkey. Garage doors don’t even get any presents. They probably don’t even know it’s Christmas. So here’s an idea. Why not – wait for it – decorate...
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Shutters can break for lots of reasons. Usually, it’s just normal wear and tear; a sign that the shutters are getting old and need to be serviced or replaced. Other times, shutters break because of an accident, like someone driving into them with a truck. (We’ve seen it happen before…). And other times, shutters break because...
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You may have heard the term “planned preventative maintenance” before and wondered what it means. if that’s the case, then don’t worry – in this post, we’ll explain what preventative maintenance is and why it’s important. What is preventative maintenance? Preventative maintenance is the maintenance of machinery that’s not broken. In other words, it’s checking machinery...
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