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Every second counts in today’s high-speed world. If you can increase your efficiency by just a few minutes a day, those minutes will add up and give you a huge boost over your competition.

This is where rapid roll doors come in. This type of industrial door is specially designed to open and close as quickly as possible.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at rapid roll doors so you can find out whether they are the right doors for you.


What are rapid roll doors for?

Rapid roll doors have many purposes, but one of the main ones is to reduce contamination. Because rapid roll doors open and close so quickly, it vastly limits the movement of pollution and contamination around your premises.

Another purpose is to control temperature in your premises. Rapid roll doors are great at keeping out the cold during the winter and the heat during the summer. This is because they’re insulated and have a tight seal.


What are the benefits of rapid roll doors?

Rapid roll doors have several advantages and benefits, including:

Fast. The main benefit of rapid roll doors is speeds. Most rapid roll doors open at a speed of around 1 metre per second, which is faster than other doors of the same size. By opening and closing so quickly, the amount of time your workforce spends waiting for the door to open is minimised. For that reason, rapid roll doors are ideal for high traffic areas.

Reliable. Even though rapid roll doors are probably the most hard-working doors in industrial settings, they’re also very reliable and rarely tend to break down.

Safe. Rapid roll doors are designed to be safe, even when used in fast-paced environments with high traffic. They can also come with fail-safe protection in the case of power or brake failure.


Factors to look for in a rapid roll door

If you want to buy a rapid roll door, then here are some of the factors to look for:

Size. Ideally, you should get a door that fits the exact size of your doorway. If you buy a door that’s bigger, you will only be wasting electricity when it comes to lifting it. Thankfully, the sizes of most rapid roll doors are customisable.

Cost. The cost of any industrial door can be broken down into three parts: initial costs (which include the cost of the door itself as well as the cost of installation), maintenance costs (which is the cost of repairing the door whenever it breaks down) and training costs (which are the costs involved in training your staff to use the door safely). A good rapid roll door might not be cheap but it will save you money on maintenance costs.

Reliability. One of the most important factors when it comes to industrial doors is reliability. You don’t want the door to break down every few weeks. Rest assured that Action Shutters’ rapid roll doors are known for their high reliability and quality.

Colour. Colour isn’t usually the most important factor, but some clients do find colour to be important because they want the colour of the door to match their branding. Here at Action Shutters, we can paint our doors in a wide range of colours thanks to our in-house powder coating service.


Rapid roll doors by Action Shutters

If you’d like to know more about our range of rapid roll doors, then simply call us on 0121 605 6005 or email us at sales@actionshutters.co.uk. We offer free quotes on all our doors – so what are you waiting for?

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