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Recently the police arrested a gang that stole a ton of meat from a factory. It was the unusual theft and investigation revealed that they didn’t even plan it. They were stealing from unprotected warehouses in this industrial zone. The meat was the collateral damage.

There are many campaigns promoting the insurance plans for the companies. Every single one of them is pointing out to the possible problems. But every one of them is helping you to cover up the losses.

And that is the wrong approach. You can’t be happy if the problem happens and the property gets damaged. Spending others money won’t make that feeling of hurt go away. Of course, there are some situations we can’t stop from happening. But the key is in the preventing.

If you are examining your business process, you know its risky areas. If those risky areas are the valuable property or the people, you will need an extra concern.

We should rethink the term “valuable property.” It could be that our contracts with the customers are our most valuable property. It can happen that the stolen meat brought the advantage on the market to our competitor. The time and the amount of the delivery is on the most occasions a crucial part of any contract.

And the theft is not the only risk to your business. We saw many fire accidents in the UK this year. North London paint factory and the snacks factory are the examples that gained a lot of views on YouTube.

Action Shutters is the company and the team that is preventing the thefts and fires. Operating since 1993. Action Shutters is the part of the Norton Group that is present on the market for more than three decades.

Producing and servicing Commercial Shutters (perforated too) that are protecting shops and other commercial buildings. Usually from the theft and vandalism. Also, Security Grilles protecting the main points of entry to the commercial property. Doors and windows should always be the first priority and the Insulated Roller Shutter Doors is securing them. And preserving the heat, too.

As for the risk of fires goes, Action Shutters will handle the manufacture, supply, and installation of the Fire Shutters. They have a range of fire-resistance ratings from 1 to 4 hours. All fire shutters are electrically operated and with solenoid drop systems if required. They can feature optional audio-visual panels. The director of the company is visiting every site and advising on the best solution.

Free site surveys are provided by the company and every offer is custom made. The goal is to provide the best possible solution that the company is maintaining. And service in the case of need. Operating nationwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Following the trends of the security could be getting the insurance policy. But if you can prevent some things, it is always better to call Action Shutters team. They will make a site survey and recommend the best prevention possible.

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