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The Greek word “techne” is the origin of the word technique. But it is often translated as “craftsmanship,” “craft,” or “art.” There is a theory that the one who mastered any technique could call himself an artist. This is a very intriguing theory.

The industrial revolution that started in Britain introduced the mass production. The late 17th century marked the end of technicians as we knew them before. Mass production introduced the low-price and the low-quality products, too.

This cost-oriented strategy reached its peak by the manufacturers from China. The western production line couldn’t compete with the cheap labor force that is abundant in Asia.

But this is not the only strategy. Michael Porter, a famous economist, defined three generic strategies: “Cost Leadership,” “Differentiation” and “Focus.” He divided the “Focus” strategy into the “Focus on costs” and “Focus on Differentiation.”

“Focus on Differentiation” is bringing back the true meaning of “techne.” The companies are differentiating themselves producing the highly-specified products for their market niche.

One of those companies is Action Shutters, highly-rated industrial door company. Providing services in manufacturing and servicing the best solutions in this market niche. Providing services of the skilled “technicians” in the UK. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Manufacturing and servicing shuttersgrilles and security doors for businesses ranging from retail stores to industrial warehouses. The variety of high-speed doorssteel and rapid roll doorshorizontal sliding folding doors and industrial roller shutters doors. Also, the PVC curtain doors that keep out the dust, noise, fumes and unwanted pests.

Action Shutters are providing quality work to many industries. Such as hospitals, residential developments, warehouses, supermarkets, banks, small businesses and parking operations. The military, as well.

The company is getting the strength from the experience and the high-quality product provided by the Norton group. But the other factor is its dedicated workforce. A large number of their team dedicated their entire careers to the industrial door industry. And the regular training is ensuring that they are at the top of their field.

The “techne” comes from the repetition, Greeks said. And this team of 42 served more than 1.200 customers over the last 30 years. That is the guarantee of the mastery in the technique of providing services.

Action Shutters is providing preventive maintenance. Preventing the problems is always the best alternative to dealing with them. The regular maintenance of the shutters is legally and profitwise required. The unexpected breakdowns are causing the production to stop. Thus, causing the downfall in profits, too.

Action Shutters is providing services such as Powder coating, too. It is a form of painting by using the powder instead of the liquid.

Although secure as the Greek fortress, the look of the shutters, grilles and industrial doors could also be modern.

Call the experienced “technicians” and get the site survey and the custom offer for free. Also, the director of Action Shutters is visiting the site himself and making sure that the solution is best suited.

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