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Every second counts in today’s high-speed world. If you can increase your efficiency by just a few minutes a day, those minutes will add up and give you a huge boost over your competition. This is where rapid roll doors come in. This type of industrial door is specially designed to open and close as quickly...
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PVC strip curtains, also known as strip curtains or strip doors, are a great way to limit the movement of contaminants or pests in your premises. They’re also very good at preventing heat loss or cold loss from controlled temperature environments. In this post, we’ll look closer at the benefits of PVC strip curtains.   1....
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Recently the police arrested a gang that stole a ton of meat from a factory. It was the unusual theft and investigation revealed that they didn’t even plan it. They were stealing from unprotected warehouses in this industrial zone. The meat was the collateral damage. There are many campaigns promoting the insurance plans for the companies....
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The Greek word “techne” is the origin of the word technique. But it is often translated as “craftsmanship,” “craft,” or “art.” There is a theory that the one who mastered any technique could call himself an artist. This is a very intriguing theory. The industrial revolution that started in Britain introduced the mass production. The late...
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